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HCL are a well-established and award-winning swimming pool construction company in Qatar. Offering unique outdoor and indoor swimming pools, beautifully designed. Call us now +974 446 89 112, +974 551 34 457 to arrange a consultation.

Swimming Pools Construction Company in Qatar

As leading Qatar swimming pool construction company, we design and build swimming pools of an exceptional quality and those are thoroughly checked to ensure that those meet our unrivalled high standards before handling over to you for years of pleasure.

The company established in 2005 since now we have completed more than 250+ projects successfully all around United Arab Emirates & Qatar

We hold the registration from Dubai Municipality & EMAAR (Dubai Holding) properties and  Doha (Qatar) Muncipalty.

We are well experienced in swimming pool construction in Qatar and Dubai both in domestic and commercial sectors. This wealth of knowledge is available as a resource to our customers.

swimming pools in qatar

Swimming Pools Contractors in Qatar

We offer first class swimming pool design & construction service in Qatar and Dubai for both reinforced concrete, with a tiled finish or vinyl-lined swimming pools. HCL is the No#1 swimming pools contractors in Qatar, check out our previous works and achievements.

Also advise and recommendations on the design of the swimming pool and  also the buildings and enclosures if the project is indoor.

We will assist in any stage of a swimming pool project in Qatar, from planning phase to completion. This includes liaising  with the

Customer, builders and architects and  leave nothing to left in chance. Some of our reputed Projects as follows

Swimming Pools Design, Construction, Maintenance and Servicing in Qatar

HCL Qatar Swimming Pool Company is an excellent swimming pool design and construction, landscaping company in Qatar providing bespoke outdoor, indoor, basement and specialist swimming pools, Landscaping, Swimming Pools, Garden, Irrigation, Fountains, Pergolas & Gazebos, Water Features, Fit-Out. We also refurbish and revitalize older swimming pools and spas. In addition, our outstanding team of engineers offer comprehensive swimming pool and landscaping servicing and maintenance. Everything you need from Qatar’s premier swimming pool company.

Whether you’re looking for a new swimming pool, a pool refurbishment, landscaping, Water fountains, Irrigation or a reliable servicing and maintenance contractor, call our friendly team on +974 446 89 112 | +974 551 34 457 for an initial discussion.

Having a swimming pool in a house has always been a concern for some people especially those who want to have a luxurious lifestyle. It also adds beauty to your house because who does not love pools and water in a decorated manner? For having a nice pool division, getting the best quality of the equipment along with the swimming pool is one of the main concerns of people. So if you want to have an elegant swimming pool division for your luxurious house or villa and couldn’t find a company that could satisfy your needs then you are not looking at the right place, stop wandering around and pay a look at the HCL Swimming Pool Company in the Qatar.

Why HCL is the Best Qatar’s Swimming Pool Construction Company?

There are many reasons why you should go for HCL Qatar among other companies. We have been working in Qatar since 2010 and until now we have developed not just one or two but almost 250+ swimming pools. Now, if you want to make sure that our services are best, then take a look at customer reviews and our performance history. Our company is providing ease to the people in all regards and providing best satisfaction. We have a positive attitude to make things fixed. We provide assistance in the following concerns regarding swimming pool designing:

  • Fixing the place for your swimming pool
  • Fixing things according to your demanding style
  • Guiding your workers how to work better
  • Discussing the material according to your budget

These all are the facts that prove HCL Qatar to be your best option for swimming pool design. Because we do not just have the best technology, but we have gotten many experts in our company who work effectively in their profession. Working with devotion in the field of swimming pool construction is what we do the best. In order to have a great swimming pools division in your house or office, you have to contact us and let us deal with everything. The results you will have would be completely satisfactory and even more than what you expected. You won’t ever regret going for Hanford Qatar and wouldn’t ever question your decision.

If you want to have a pool but have no idea how to design swimming pools and or where to get it designed from and what to do about the whole pool division you want for your house, then Hanford Qatar is the best answer to this problem of yours. Hanford Qatar provides you with the best assistance not only for the commercial swimming pools / public swimming pools but also for the swimming pool inside your house. If you will research our work, you will find us better in all regards because we have already worked on many swimming pools and landscaping, Pergolas and Gazebos, Gardening, fit-out, Water Fountains, Water Features and Irrigation projects, and dealt with many scenarios. It always helps us to use our experience to get quality work done. So select us to get a better service because we will give you a pool right according to your needs and exactly what you desire because customer satisfaction is really important to us. With the satisfaction of our work, we can also assure you of the durability of your swimming pool as it will stay that way for many decades until you will decide on a change of style.

Hanford is Qatar’s leading swimming pool designer and installer of luxury swimming pools. Our indoor and outdoor swimming pools, spas, and saunas are built to the highest specification and over the last 20+ years, we have built a long-standing reputation for imaginative design and superb craftsmanship.

We ensure that every swimming pool design and construction is unique and uniquely appropriate for the people using it. They have to be – our swimming pools are built by craftsmen and built to last. Our Swimming pools design and construction skills, underpinned by excellent customer care levels, have positioned Hanford Qatar as the leading bespoke swimming pool experts in Qatar and the surrounding areas.

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HCL Swimming Pool Company has been providing outstanding swimming pool design, construction, refurbishment and servicing for pools and spas to clients in Qatar and Dubai for over 20 years.

To find out how we help to create dream pools and spas and keep them in peak condition, fill the contact form and our expert will get back to you.