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Landscaping Services in Qatar


HCL Landscaping is a multi-award-winning landscape design and builds a practice that conceives, creates, and cares for distinctive gardens and open spaces for residential, commercial, and public realm clients across Qatar and Dubai.

Specializing in the supply of both landscaping internal and external plants ranging from local and exotic palm trees and shrubs we as HCL have established our credentials over the last 10 years in the Middle East as a leading cost effective supply and installation landscaping service provider in Qatar with total commitment to quality and service excellence.

Our head office is situated in Dubai and Qatar We have a number of established farms and nurseries in India, Dubai and we have tie – up with leading landscaping plant growers. Ensuring  wide and diverse range of quality plants material and availability to suit the supply of projects of all sizes.

Environmental Awareness

HCL is very mindful of the impact of its products on the environment. Wherever possible we promote the use of endemic plants, ecologically friendly inputs, and water wise solutions.

Our Goal

As one of the leading specialised landscaping companies in Qatar and plant growers and suppliers, HCL is committed to delivering only the highest quality of plants material to their Clients within the agreed frameworks of cost, time and quality through a carefully managed procurement process. We pride ourselves in being able to offer the following:

  • Professional international landscaping service delivering a superior quality of plant material for a wide and diverse range of project types that meet or exceed the Client’s expectations
  • An extensive range of experience and expertise in contracting, landscaping, horticulture and arboriculture within the Middle East acquired over a period of 9 years.
  • Professional landscaping architectural consultancy services through our affiliate company HCL, specializing in the delivery and supervision of on-site works

Landscaping &  Maintenance Companies in Qatar

Offering a professional landscaping maintenance service in Qatar for all the systems we install. By implementing regular maintenance schedules, the efficiency of the system is maintained. We offer a fully integrated landscape management system for the achievement of measurable criteria approved jointly between the clients and ourselves.

HCL offers landscape maintenance services in Qatar that will give you best time for your business and pleasure to enjoy with your family. Our clients appreciate scheduled visits, friendly and skillful staff, and the continuous flow of communication & high quality support.

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  • Clean-up
  • De thatching of lawn
  • Raking
  • Cultivation and edging of gardens
  • (peat moss, manure, granular fertilizers)
  • Pruning trees and shrubs
  • Mulching of debris
  • Topdressing of lawn
  • Checking of irrigation
  • Pool cleaning
  • Turnkey design, construction and maintenance
  • Construction to designer’s brief
  • Construction and contract maintenance
  • Contract maintenance and water usage
  • HCL is dedicated to providing turnkey solutions and works within the parameters of Quality & corporate governance.
  • Environmental Awareness
  • HCL is very mindful of the impact of its products on the environment. Wherever possible we promote the use of endemic plants, ecologically friendly inputs, and water wise solutions
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Installation of Landscaping in Qatar

HCL offers professional, personal attention, integrity, and quality craftsmanship. we design and install small and big size landscaping in Qatar. 

We provide our client with many possible options that best suit their requirements, to enhance and beautify their surroundings, in harmony with nature.

Our experienced landscape contracting services include installation of irrigation, repairs and upgrading, lighting, custom landscaping, a complete landscape design, maintenance solutions and water utilisation.

Our team is ready to provide you with an estimate of our complete and professional landscaping service with quality.

Landscape Quality Process & Objectives

HCL aims to achieve customer satisfaction by striving to complete all projects as per the agreed program to the highest possible standards while meeting all necessary contractual requirements.

The Management highly committed to implementation of Quality Management System is the key for achieving the above objectives. All personnel in the organization are directed to contribute to the Enhancement of customer satisfaction through the implementation of the company Project quality plan. The Management is com ply with the requirements of this standard and continually develop and improve its effectiveness.

Plants & Supply Installation in Qatar

HCL is now one of the leading international suppliers of agricultural products and enjoys the enviable reputation for its experience and expertise in creating, building and managing landscapes, resorts and feature parks.

Last nine years the management of HCL has excelled in the Agriculture arena, specializing in exotic plants, the supply chain, logistics, and irrigation and offering and total landscaping solution.

The company, a leader n production and integration, – provides the client with a total package – from inception to final handover to the project:

Hanford Qatar specializes in corporate horticulture, enhancing business and commercial environments through the power of plants. We provide indoor and outdoor planting in Qatar, living and moss wall installations, floral displays, replica plants and planting rental, plus a full maintenance service.

HCL Qatar brings the outside inside, using plants, trees, and green walls to infuse office, retail, hospitality, and corporate environments with the inspiring beauty of nature. Our focus on mixing well-thought-out solutions with creative ideas ensures planting designs that both add value and look great long term.

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Introduction to Our Landscaping Service in Qatar

HCL policy makes the safety and health of our employees the first consideration in the operation of our business. It is the intent of HCL to comply with all the laws concerning the operation of the business and the health and safety of our employees and the public. To work within ethic Corporate Governance and consideration of all those around us.

 We strive to be aware of the conditions in all work arenas that can produce or lead to injuries. No employee is required to work at a job known to be unsafe or dangerous to their health. Cooperation in detecting hazards, reporting dangerous conditions and controlling workplace hazards is a condition of employment. Employees are advice to their supervisor immediately of any situation beyond their ability or authority to correct. Employees will not be disciplined or suffer any retaliation for reporting a safety violation in good health.

Fertilization and spraying

  • Summer Fertilizing
  • Bug Control
  • White Grub Control
  • Plant Fertilization
  • Plant Disease Control

Property Maintenance

  • Weekly scheduled visits
  • Professional lawn cutting
  • Weeding, Cultivating and edging of gardens
  • Perennial Garden Maintenance
  • Rose Garden Maintenance
  • Spot Spraying driveway, walkways and patios for weeds
  • Planting of Annuals
  • Seasonal plant Arrangements


  • Pruning of shrubs, evergreens and trees
  • Deep root Fertilizing
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HCL is meticulous in delivering on-time commitments, with dedicated suppliers, we use the best ways to get the product to our clients on time. Our company practices a standardizes start to finish delivery process, from production to execution. In this process we monitor all plants, from the point of origin to the destination ……a value chain with no end…………

Consistency and Reliability

our team has the technical knowledge and experience in uprooting the plant, nurturing and preparing them for container shipment and delivery in the quickest time possible to assure freshness and sustainability.

Supply of Exotic Plants

Our vision is to be a leading producer and supplier of all types of exotic and ornamental plants, for any kind of landscaping in the international arena.

Planting a variety of plants, Trees, Shrubs, Ground Covers, Bulbs, Succulents, Hedges, Climbers, etc.

Beginning –to-end Supply Chain Management.

We provide professional service and plants, from residential to commercial projects.,palaces, villas, hotels, Resorts, Complexes, Private islands etc

“Our commitment is to bring to you, beautiful environment, excellent service and time to be peaceful, to live at one with nature”.

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