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We are one of Qatar’s leading landscaping and swimming pools construction company and their associate firms have grown in the middle east for the last 16+ years, Where their products and services are set standards within the region by providing unique services.

We offer commercial landscaping contractors which were founded in 2004, we pride ourselves in providing best-in-class hard and soft landscape contracting, swimming pools design, construction and maintenance, Fountains, Water features, Gardening, Pergolas, and Gazebos, fit-out, and irrigation services in Qatar. With over 16+ years of successful high-profile projects under our belt, we continue to expand on our services to provide enterprising landscaping and swimming pools solutions and innovations for our clients.

As Qatar is heading towards implementing new technologies at all levels and scales, HCL is realigned to fulfill the new challenges. Thus, we are always upgrading our services to realize complete satisfaction to our customer’s wants and this is emphasized by meeting the standards laid out by ISO 9001.

We obtain the chance to serve and supply you with high-end quality services from higher management to field employees for the successful delivery of your project on time and within the budget. The company instills this philosophy in our employees to do the kind of work that makes HCL clients want us to build their next project with us.

Swimming Pool

Design and build without compromise

HCL is a leading swimming pool contractor in Qatar, we design and build bespoke swimming pools of exceptional quality and those are thoroughly checked to ensure that they meet our unrivaled high quality before handing over to you for years of pleasure.

The company was established in 2005 since now currently we’ve got completed over 250+ comes with success all around United Arab Emirates & Qatar HCL holds the registration from Dubai Municipality & EMAAR (Dubai Holding) properties and Doha (Qatar) Municipality.


Your landscape, exactly how you want it

Specializing within the supply of each internal and external landscaping plant ranging from native and exotic palm trees and shrubs we tend to as HCL have established our credentials over the last nine years in the Middle East as a leading cost-effective supply and installation service supplier with a complete commitment to quality and service excellence.

HCL’s head office is situated in Qatar and Dubai. we have a variety of established farms and nurseries in India, Dubai and that we have tie-up with leading plant growers. Ensuring a wide and diverse range of quality plants material and availability to suit the supply of projects of all sizes.

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